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Mash it all up!

Hello friends, before I hit the beaches for a glorious summer Christmas holiday I thought I might leave you all, and KK in particular, a small present.

Using a technique called 'mashup' I added a little feature to KK's blog that queries the (english language) Wikipedia and returns the first ten results in a page created dynamically just for that.

When editing an entry KK can enter a series of comma-separated tags in the appropriate entry editor window (towards the bottom of the screen, just above the 'status' field used to publish the entry). If such tags have been entered the published entry will have a "Wikipedia entries for:" series of hyperlinks at the bottom, right below the 'permalink comments(n)' line. Clicking on the links will query the Wikipedia for the tag and show a page with the first ten entries, each showing the link to the Wikipedia entry and a few lines from it. Just check it out at the bottom of this entry.

I don't know if this is any use or not. Frannie's original request was for an "automatic bullshit extractor" out of certain publications. Since I don't have the foggiest on how to detect 'bullshit' in italian and, besides, I'm not going to waste summer working on 'bullshit' anyway, I thought this little trick with the Wikipedia would be enough to demonstrate the idea.

In the meantime, please accept my warmest wishes for the coming Holidays and for a Great 2008.


You devilish b****d! Thank you so much!

Happy holidays everyone!

Francesca | December 24, 2007 1:08 PM

why don't you teach daniel italian?

thank you Daniel, may the force be with you in 2008

soupe | December 26, 2007 11:39 AM